Oakridge-Crater Lake Loop

Crater Lake

Umpqua National Forest


The Oakridge area is an excellent destination for bike touring (and mountain biking!). There are endless places to get lost in the surrounding Willamette and Umpqua national forests. This tour has a bunch of climbing, but the spectacular camping and hot springs make it worth every foot of elevation gain. If you're into swimming in beautiful rivers and lakes, soaking hot springs or exploring national parks you've to try this route!

Do your best to do this tour in September when the loop around the lake is closed to car traffic. Check dates here


Crater Lake, Umpqua and McCredie hot springs, Train Mountain Railroad Museum


If you're looking to ride the full rim loop of Crater Lake, be sure to check snow conditions.

If you find yourself with more time you may want to skip the highway 97 portion of this tour and find a less busy way back to Oakridge. Highway 97 has a decent sized shoulder, but its busy and loud. It might be fun to link this ride up with part of the Oregon Outback, if you're feeling adventurous. 


Dirt and pavement, mostly pavement.


32c min.


4-6 days/248.6 miles


Late July through September