Nestucca River Highway

Cape Lookout State Park


This is a super nice mix of Oregon gravel, beautiful rivers, coastline and Portland’s very own Forest Park. There are several options when planning this route. Nestucca River road is a classic bike route to and from the coast – make sure you don't skip over this road!


If you wanted to ride this with less pavement, I’d recommend taking The Banks-Vernonia State Trail at highway 47-Columbia Forest Road Junction and link it to Velo Dirt’s Trask River Route.

If you are only have a few days to spare, I’d recommend taking the Wave from Portland’s Amtrak Station and camping at Cape Lookout State Park. Then you can ride Nestucca back in 1 or 2 days.


Mostly paved, some gravel (depending on your options)


Any, depending on route choice and integration of gravel routes.


3-5 days/301.4 miles. 1-2 days when making use of the Wave!


Any, though summer is ideal