oregon mitchell

John Day River Canyon

Ochoco National Forest

John Day Fossil Monument


If you're looking to see some of Central Oregon's most beautiful landscapes, you have got to check out this area. Though this ride is difficult and remote, it is well worth it. The start point is in the Painted Hills. After a decent climb up, the route drops you down into the John Day Canyon. It continues by following the river around to the John Day Fossil Beds, before a hefty climb that takes you through the Ochoco National Forest for the remaining days of the trip. 


Painted Hills, John Day River, John Day Fossil Beds, Ochoco National Forest


This route can be cold, water is hard to come by in the late fall, snow is a possibility, food is hard to come by. Plan accordingly.


Pavement and dirt


35c min.


3-5 days/182.6 miles


Summer and fall